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Bespoke Leather wear hand crafted ONLY for you using the finest luxury leathers & delivered to your door anywhere on the planet at phenomenal prices

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At Republic of Leather we are leather experts , skilled leather artisans and tailors situated at The Source for luxury leather - Ethiopia . This means we have direct access to the most fantastic leathers on the planet – in fact the very same luxury leathers that the TOP fashion houses use to craft their wares . We source & select these leathers at prices and quality levels that no one else can. Then we use these leathers to craft BESPOKE garments just for you. Because true luxury should be about amazing quality and experience , not a shocking sticker price.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

Brought to you by Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, the globally recognized founder of soleRebels

It’s no secret that I love leather. After all I have spent the past several years creating the planet’s fastest growing African originated global footwear brand - soleRebels.

My love for leather has grown since I became inspired to create something that reached new heights of excitement, The Republic of Leather!

I saw that the luxury market was ripe for a total re-imagining. To me there was not only a great opportunity to leverage technology and craftsmanship to create the most amazing products; there was also a need for a fresh interpretation of what luxury was and - most importantly - what luxury could be: a narrative that could continually invigorate and excite people.

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