About Us

Our Vision

To re-imagine the luxury leather goods market by powering the creativity of our customers, creating jobs for craftspeople all over the planet, and energizing the causes our customers choose to be passionate about!

What is Republic of Leather?

Republic of Leather lets you design world class leather goods custom crafted just for you. They are crafted in the exact location you select. You are also able to direct 5% of the sale price to any cause that you are passionate about.

I wanted a company where giving was ongoing and where philanthropy was embedded in the DNA of the brand. I saw an opportunity for giving to be done in a totally new way - a chance to foster a culture of giving by enabling our customers to decide where proceeds should go.

The Name

Our name is a reflection of who we are, where we're from and where we're going.

The Republic of Leatherreflects the history of Ethiopia as a key source of the finest hides and leathers used by many global luxury brands and fashion houses. Ethiopia has been quite literally a Republic of Leatheritself for many years. The name also needed to reflect our goal to do what all great republics do: put power back into its peoples' hands while fostering an idea of global citizenship.

We empower our citizens' ability to custom create their own hand-crafted luxury leather products while also enabling customers to be active participants in the artisan process: helping decide everything from how those products look to where they are made and finally to which causes they would like to help support through their purchase.


The Republic of Leather flattens the world and enables great communities of citizens. Our citizens care for each other and give to one another in equal measure. We are excited to have you with us as a citizen of The Republic of Leather!

Become a citizen of the Republic of Leather today and see what powering creativity is all about!

How it works

The Republic of Leather (or 'RoL' as we like to say here at HQ) provides a global digital interface that lets you do three amazing things:

  1. Digitally custom design & create luxury leather goods.From gorgeous bags, incredible jackets all the way to beautiful gloves using the same leathers that the finest luxury brands use!
  2. Select the precise location where you want your exquisite products to be made! This empowers leather craftspeople everywhere to become entrepreneurs and work their craft!
  3. Have the power to gift any organization or cause that you are passionate about.Whether it is an international organization working a world away or your local library - the power to give is back in your hands, exactly where it should be!

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

It's no secret that I love leather. After all, I have spent the past several years creating the planets' fastest growing African originated footwear brand - soleRebels.

I have experienced first-hand incredible leather craftspeople all over the planet. My love for leather grew as I began to create something that inspired passion in others throughout the world!

I saw the luxury market was ripe for a total re-imagining. There was not only a great opportunity to leverage technology & craftsmanship to create amazing products; there was also a need. The world over was beginning to demand a fresh interpretation of what luxury was, and most importantly what luxury could be about.

I began to meet incredible leather craftspeople all over the planet. From seasoned pros to newly graduated craftspeople. I began to learn that there were many areas throughout the world where leather crafting and production had been undermined and had withered despite its economic importance. Tapping into these rich global talents would reinvigorate these centers of production, create fantastic employment in global communities while also reinterpreting how and where luxury goods are made. If you are passionate about supporting a country's culture and creativity, you can show your support by ordering your RoL jacket to be made by local craftspeople in that country! That's the joy of being a citizen of ROL – you have the power to create change everywhere!

I wanted a company where giving was ongoing and where philanthropy was embedded in the DNA of the brand. I saw an opportunity for giving to be done in a totally new way - a chance to foster a culture of giving by enabling our customers to decide where proceeds should go. After all, our customers often already support organizations and causes around the world that can always use more resources.

I began to position us as the first in the global luxury market who would marry customer-designed artisan products with customer-chosen location for the product to be made and customer-powered giving. It was in this spirit that The Republic of Leather was born!

Custom Creations

We give you the tools to design custom leather goods – everything from bags to jackets - all made by the most skilled crafts-people on the planet. You select which organization or cause that you would like to support with a portion of the proceeds from the item you've designed. Custom- designed products with custom-powered giving! Because we believe your products & should be just as personal as your causes!

Your products & should be just as personal as your causes.

Custom Crafted Luxury – luxury reimagined

What could be more luxurious than designing your very own luxury leather item, choosing where it gets made and then having that item skillfully hand crafted by skilled leather craftspersons and then delivered directly to your hands. Welcome to the Republic of Leather.

Our global network of skilled craftspeople continue an exalted tradition of fine craftsmanship each and every time you submit a design.

Once you complete your digital design it is sent to your selected team on an interactive tablet so that creation of your item can begin immediately! Leathers in the color you have chosen are selected by hand and each piece is hand cut for your order. Once the leather is selected and cut, careful stitching and craftsman assembly begins. To ensure the most beautiful product possible, a final quality assurance finishing process takes place. The results are absolutely stunning. True luxury for you to enjoy now and forever.

Republic of Leather enables you to enjoy luxury items while also supporting organizations and causes that you are passionate about.